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  • Assist Client to search for the perfect venue for wedding reception and ceremony 

  • Go with client to all food tasting and give client professional inputs in assisting to select the best options 

  • Meeting with clients (unlimited) to gather ideas and things are personal to the client to build a wedding theme 

  • Assisting clients in choosing the best fit vendors for client’s base on the theme 

  • Create budget sheet and update it accordingly 

  • Update at least once a month 

  • Create task list 

  • Deadlines to assist client to plan the best and most organize event 

  • Assist client in researching the right look for wedding ceremony and wedding reception 

  • Create timeline for the wedding day per client’s approval 

  • Organize all rentals including but not limited to limo, arches, dresses, suits, etc 

  • Get to know bridal party and guide them with professional expertise 

  • Coordinate the wedding day timeline with all vendors 

  • Assisting client with designing invitations and sending out invitations 

  • Create a tracking system and track all responses 

  • Convert responses to guests list - Assist client to convert guests list 

  • Assist client in handling all final payments and gratuity for vendors 

  • Provide 3 coordinators on wedding day 

  • Coordinate the wedding ceremony and reception 

  • Run the timeline and assist bride with all tasks during reception such as changing outfits, pack all personal belongings at the end of event, etc. 

  • Assist client in choosing music (during cocktail hour, first dance, grand entrance, etc.) 

  • Unlimited phone call, text messaging, and email, with clients only 

  • Give client all referral discounts received from vendors if any 

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